- Minimum 250 cc displacement

- Mirrors must be taped or removed

- Headlight and taillight must be taped and the brake light completely covered with tape or disabled

- Engine in good running condition with no leaks

- Tires in new or good condition

- Safety wire or RTV silicone adhesive is required on the oil drain bolt and recommended on other critical fasteners

- Wheel weights must be taped


Still have some questions?? Feel free to E-mail us. Also, all of our Femmewalla staff the day are willing to assist, so don't be shy and grab someone for help!


gearing up



Mandatory Gear:

- 1 pc or 2 pc leather suit (1 pc preferred)

- Full face helmet, DOT/SNELL/ECE rated

- Full gauntlet gloves

- Over-the-ankle boots


Recommended Gear:

- Back protector

- Chest protector


As always, if you need help finding any gear send us a message! We will help put out the call for any loaners/buy used leathers our fans can offer up!