Femmewalla through the years...

 Gates are open until 11pm Thursday night, however, there is an event happening on Thursday, access to the paddock will probably not happen until after 5pm
Classroom, with permanent power and heater, will be available for sleeping Thursday night
2- 3 Groups (Depending on # of Participants):

20 - 30 minute sessions: Novice and Not-Novice or Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
 Novice/Beginner Group - you will be assigned to a Star Motorcycle School Instructor in groups of 4-5, that person who will work with you all day and make sure you do not get lost in the crowd...

 Racer's Edge is going to have some cones set out in the morning on the track to give some further guidance of where to be on the track...Dale will further explain in the Rider's Meeting

Not-Novice/ Intermediate and Advanced Group - all the Star Motorcycle School Instructors are available to you during your sessions, please ask if you are having any issues with getting around the track, that's why they are there, so we all have fun....
Mustang rides at Sunset

Looking forward to another amazing event!!


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